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Services Include: Airport security training,  airline security training, suicide– homicide bomber recognition and mitigation training, consulting, strategic planning, audits, expert witness services, technologies evaluation and management of aviation security operations at the world’s hot-spots.

Reem Aviation Security Consultants, LLC is an international consulting firm providing airports, air carriers, national civil aviation administrations and other aviation institutions with comprehensive aviation security solutions.

Our consultants are highly qualified aviation security professionals with numerous years of international aviation security experience. Among them are former Secret Service Official, Corporate Security Directors of passenger air carriers, U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Principal Security Inspectors (PSI’s) and El-Al Israeli Airlines security experts.


GSC (Ground Security Coordinator) Training

Airport threat, vulnerability and risk assessments

Expert witness services

Development of aviation security manuals

Airport security planning and audits

Assisting non-US airports with TSA and ICAO Annex 17 airport security assessments

Consulting on aviation security regulatory matters

Consulting on TSA Letter of Investigation (TSA LOI)

Air carrier security operation management

Cargo security training and assessments

ISC (In-flight Security Coordinator) training

Security audits of carrier operations and line stations

Start-up airline TSA certification assistance




Senior Associates

Professor Robert W. Baker

Senior Consultant; Professor at Embry-Riddle Global Intelligence and Security Department; Former TSA Official and DHL Security Manager

Douglas R. Laird, CPP

Security Director Emeritus  for NW Airlines and retired Secret Service Official; Called upon to comment on CNN, NBC, NPR, FOX News, NYT, Wall Street Journal and other leading newspapers and magazines

Hovav Frenkel

AVSEC instructor and Senior Consultant/Aviation Security SME. Former El-Al Israeli Airlines Security Official and Army EOD Officer

Ido Reem

Reem Aviation Security Consultants, LLC President and AVSEC Instructor; Former Airline Corporate Security Director. Author of numerous aviation security training programs


Customer Comments

"RASCO has developed a very successful GSC training program, I would recommend to any airline.”

A.D. - Corporate Security Director of an international passenger carrier




On behalf of ALPA’s National Security Committeeyour presentation on security screening measures was well received and most beneficial to our members…”